Music Lessons in the Sunset - piano, guitar and ukulele

Welcome to Music Lessons in the Sunset, based in the Sunset District of San Francisco and serving the Sunset, Parkside, Richmond, Haight Ashbury, UCSF, NOPA and beyond. My name is Duane Frybarger and I am a teacher of piano, guitar and ukulele. I would love to help you learn how to play music because it's a fantastic past time and a great way to improve your memory skills and maybe even entertain your family and friends. Whether you want to learn piano, guitar or ukulele, I have developed methods to get you playing songs quickly without learning how to read music or practicing scales and exercises.

You will be an active participant in choosing what you learn and how you will reach your goal. If you think of any skill that you now have and how you acquired it, you may discover that the most important part of learning is your desire and your tenacity. People often ask about talent and from my experience, talent is meaningless and can even be a hindrance. You only need to be willing to walk the path and not let discouragement keep you from giving up. As a relatively recent beginner in guitar, ukulele and voice (compared to decades of playing and performing experience on the piano), I know first-hand the frustrations that all beginning music students face and I used my own philosophy of learning to stay the course and develop skills that allow me to express myself and really enjoy playing.

The core ingredient in my philosophy of learning is having fun and enjoying the discovery of creating sounds and music. On guitar and ukulele, you can usually play the chords to a simple song in a lesson or two. To go beyond that will take time but, in the meantime, you are making music! That is an accomplishment. A lot of people can strum strings or push piano keys and make sounds, but you will learn how to make music and express yourself. And if your goals are more ambitious and you wish to learn arranging, improvising or composing, I can also be your guide down that path.

My experience in music covers more than fifty years of performing piano (everything from private parties to concerts and live radio), many decades of composing (including two self-produced CDs that received extensive airplay) and more recently, developing skills in guitar, ukulele and voice. Not only am I a life-long musician, but more importantly I am still excited about playing music and teaching others how to play. I truly enjoy helping others and have priced my services at levels that most can afford. My extensive experience in composing and arranging mean that I have an understanding of harmony and theory that can help you find your own path to understanding what are really very simple concepts. Please visit the listening room for samples of my piano performing and arranging, MIDI compositions (two complete CDs are available to stream) and samples of an ukulele improvisation and a vocal/ukulele arrangement of a Brazilian classic bossa nova.


The fee for lessons is $60 per hour or $40 for half an hour at my studio in the Outer Sunset. Discounts are available if you buy a package of four lessons prepaid in advance.